There’s austerity, and there’s austerity.

Some simple numbers can tell us where it’s at.

The life expectancy in Swaziland is 39.6 years. In Iraq, by comparison it is a Methuselah-like 59.5. In India and Russia it’s around 65. In the UK, the average person will live to 79.4 years. That average person doesn’t exist, but there are now some 2.7million Britons aged over 80. In Chichester, they’re a third of the population.

90% of people in the UK own a car. In China, the figure is 6%. Bakers there earn $804 a year, miners $1740, nurses fractionally more.

With just over 5% of the population, Americans own 34% of the world’s personal wealth. Europe contains 10% of the human race, and has 30% of the personal wealth. The 8.5% of folks unlucky enough to live in central and south America constitute just 4.3% of the money.

At a glance, these numbers should act as a dose of reality for all the goforits busy telling us it’ll soon be business as usual. The statistics say our home markets are saturated with durables, and our exports are going to be horrendously expensive.

They should also act as a bucket of cold water to the GMB, UNITE and all the other pillocks trying to manufacture poverty where there is a lifestyle our grandparents would’ve regarded as unbridled luxury.

They won’t have any effect on bankers: see any reputable study of sociopathy.

But for everyone reading this site’s output, the numbers should be enough to demonstrate that pretty well come what may, we are not heading for austerity – or anything like it. Like the US and the EU, we are about to experience a downward adjustment in our wealth. This will be compounded by very cheap Asian and south American output in the medium term, and has been caused to date as much by a combo of brainless bankers and Government largesse.

Get real. We are not going to ‘recover’ until we live within these new means and adjust to them. We are not going to prosper until we realise that our job now is to sell high-margin added value to the emergent economic power-houses. And we’re not going to stabilise our position until restrictive trade unions and anti-social banking have disappeared from our cultures.

None of the Westminster or Washington or Brussels Parties are saying this – even though it is as near to an objective truth as you’re likely to get. That’s why, sooner or later, they have to make way for better alternatives….or we have to accept a life of ever-declining living standards.

But what these wealth-distribution data tell us above all is that life on planet Earth is all about the luck of the draw and where you happen to get born. Most of us don’t know we’re born.