Buying into interest-group Party funding means selling out the public.

Let’s lob the lobbyists into touch.

Today’s Telegraph piece about Vince Cable by Janet Daley made some telling points. And in the light of today’s earlier Slog posting about casual* betrayal of the British people, I thought I’d add this piece about it as something to maybe think about.

Ms Daley wrote that

‘…the US has stricter anti-monopoly, anti-trust legislation than most European social democracies precisely because it genuinely believes that markets can only function properly if they are free from cartels and price-fixing scams’.

This is the crux of it: and it applies to politics too. I have not a clue why everyone is up in arms about Cable’s Conference remarks: two years ago we’d have cheered him from the rooftops for making them. The bankers ARE a privileged minority. However, we should now ask ourselves these two questions:

1.Why are the Tories upset about Cable’s rant?
2. Why are they bottling out of EU sovereign issues?

One answer: the CBI and the banks.

Until ‘anti-monopoly, anti-trust legislation’ is applied to UK politics, we will always have a country run by what the EU, the TUC and the CBI think.

We need to get interest-group monetary support out of politics now. It sticks in every taxpayer’s throat to have to pay for politics – given we already have to pay for government. But surely this is preferable to watching Government after Government doing secret deals and making public promises. Because what always happens is that the Governments honour the secret deals, and renege on the public promises.

* There is but one letter between casual and causal.