OFFICIAL: CPS to review NoW hacking case

Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, has just announced “a comprehensive assessment of all material in the possession of the Metropolitan Police Service relating to phone hacking, following developments in the civil courts.”

This reverses the cover-up/ring-fence policy adopted by former Met Police anti-Terrorist chief Andy Hayman. (See Slog post of earlier this week)

The move follows the suspension of Ian Edmondson, the newspaper’s assistant editor (news) amid a legal case brought against the paper by Sienna Miller, an actress, suggesting that her telephone messages were illegally accessed by the paper’s staff. As the Slog revealed last December, a ‘combine’ of celebrities is proposing to bring further cases in order to flush out the truth about Number Ten Communications Head Andy Coulson’s role in the affair.

In another scandal involving Newscorp, Julian Assange confirmed two days ago that, as per the original Slog story, he holds damning cables relating to Murdoch’s networking site MySpace.