HACKGATE DAY 125: Sensation as Jude Law’s QC names senior Newscorp executive as ‘clearly implicated’ in scandal

Jude Law’s QC Hugh Tomlinson

Breaking news….in a hearing before Justice Vos this morning, hacking victim Jude Law’s QC Hugh Tomlinson told the open Court that “from the paperwork we have seen” relating to Glenn Mulcaire’s jnotebooks, “[senior exec’s name] was clearly implicated in much of the hacking that took place”.

In a desperate bid to shore up the dam, Newscorp’s QC Michael Silverleaf disputed the claim, and insisted that Mr Law’s case should not be among the first civil cases to be heard.

But Justice Vos disagreed, ruling that Jude Law’s case will be in the ‘first wave’ of cases to come before him.

Apart from Law, the full list of cases in that opening sequence will be Kelly Hoppen, Chris Bryat MP, Sky Andrew and Andy Gray.

Doubtless more details will emerge in due course. Favourites are looking like Andy Coulson or Rebekah Wade,  but they may at this stage be at the level below that.

Either way, this case is slipping away from Newscorp: it is now a matter of when, not if.