At the End of the Day

The quotes and agendas game

Anyone can play this one. All examples will be gratefully received, and in the meantime, here’s a few I did earlier….

‘ Deutsche Bank’s CEO describes the situation in Greece as critical and warns contagion to other euro zone members could lead to a crisis bigger than the one sparked by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. …’

Agenda: please don’t make me pay towards this Greek unpleasantness, after all I’ve already been forced to buy DeustchePost and  I wasn’t there honest, I was inside watching telly officer, and anyway if I go broke the sky will fall in.

‘ European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said: “On Greece, we have once again shown that we find agreement when agreement is needed. It was important because we have shown that our new way of dealing with the European economy is working. We can turn today’s challenges into opportunities only if we stand together, give a collective response.”

Agenda: Look, I’m on a good screw here, and heh – if we just pretend that this is really about solidarity rather than saving the banks and my salary, then you never know….you lowly peasants out there might make it into the lower middle-class one day. Really.

‘I’m Boris Johnson and I’m on your side what with all these bicycles that make me look green and by the way, that idiot Cameron…hah, perff – what does he know, eh? He’s happy to be ridden roughshod by a bunch of ClubMed twisters but if it was me let me tell you, I’d say you can stick your EFSM up your a…n….u…s, so make me Tory leader for a better future and bigger cuts without silly EU contributions’.

Agenda: Oh dear, capital expenditure by local authorities in England rose to £24.5 billion in 2010-11, a year-on-year increase of nearly 15 per cent, due mainly to the Greater London Authority’s expenditure via Transport for London….

Behind every good man there is a great woman.

Behind every good quote there is a bad man.