STRAUSS-KAHN AND LAGARDE: A lot of explaining to do.

Where will the frame-up trail eventually lead?

Incompetence on a grand scale or geopolitical conspiracy? The questions are about to be asked.

What’s the difference between house arrest and a world election tour when it comes to focusing on the global debt crisis?

Answer: nothing. Had DSK’s bail not at first been refused – and his house arrest made so onerous – there is no doubt that he would’ve been better equipped to lead the IMF during the Greek crisis these last few weeks. Because Christine Lagarde was everywhere but Greece.

Anyway, Christine the Innumerate Optimist is now in DSK’s job. And just a few short days afterwards, the case against Dominic Strauss-Kahn is collapsing.

Some very tricky questions thus remain to be answered.

Why did it take so long for the NYPD to spot the maid’s drug connections? Why did she get 24/7 protection, and he got a perp-walk?

Why was Tim Geithner so keen for DSK to be replaced before being tried? Why did senior execs at the Fed help Christine Lagarde’s election profile three months before DSK was arrested?

Why did the NYPD lie about DSK’s ‘hasty’ exit from the Sofitel? Why was Diallo’s ‘brother’ allowed to talk tripe to the media about his sister’s devout nature, but nobody was allowed to meet her?

Take in this NYPD/DA quote from Asst DA Artie McConnell in May – do you, like me, feel repugnance on reading it again?

“The proof against him is substantial. It is continuing to grow every day as the investigation continues. We have a man who, by his own conduct in this case, has shown a propensity for impulsive criminal conduct.”

Bollocks. They had Fanny Adams on the guy, and made the rest up. Why?

For answers to these and many other contradictions surrounding this cynical set-up, go to The Strauss-Kahn Waltz.

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