Strauss-Kahn: Huffington Post launches in UK….

……and bans The Slog again.

Well, I’ve been up to my naughty old fantasist conspiracy-theory tricks again. Apparently I’ve been wickedly spreading nonsense about how DSK might have been set up (or not) so I’m out on my ear’ole for the second time.

You may not have realised this, but the day after I grandly told HuffPost where to stick its commenting rights after the Obama Bin Laden affair, I re-registered as drawlogs instead of wardslog. I thought they’d suss it in a matter of minutes, but six weeks on they hadn’t. Anyway, DSK has done for me: once again, The Slog has made the fatal mistake of telling liberals their anti-hero might not have been a rutting rapist after all, Nafissatou Diallo might not be Mother Theresa, and Cyrus Vance might not be a simple good ol’ DA home-lovin’ boy.

You have to laugh. To be honest, I noticed that they’d been censoring my DSK comment threads for a couple of days anyway. In the same manner, mark you, the Telegraph censored seven of my Murdoch comments last Monday….until they decided to jump on the bandwagon as well. Those Barclays of Sark, eh? Cheeky monkeys.

Anyway, Arianna ‘You write me 2000 words for nothing and then I’ll trouser $115 million by selling to AOL’ Huffington chose perhaps the worst day in UK media history to launch her UK version of the title she sold to the Moonies a few months back. Couldn’t happen to a nicer girl: yet another untrustworthy Greek asset for sale.