STRAUSS-KAHN: New suspicion of link between DSK maid and hotel manager


Former IMF boss tells friends he won’t run. But the Left still wants the unanswered questions addressed.


Although DSK has told friends in the last two days that he will not join the French Presidential race, New York District Attorney Cyrus T. Vance is under pressure to investigate more fully the ‘missing hour’ between the alleged attack on Sofitel maid Nafissatou Diallo and the first call to the NYPD first identified by The Slog last May 21st. And in an unrelated development, French paper ‘L’observateur’ reports that the Elysees Palace gained early warning of the accusations against Dominic Strauss-Kahn.

Sources in France and the US suggested at the weekend that former IMF boss Dominic Strauss-Kahn has ruled himself out of the French Presidential race. His reasoning was both simple and logical: “I have no chance at all of winning now,” he apparently told a close friend last Saturday. While this is bound to make the Strauss-Kahn Waltz across the dance-floor of New York and French politics less of a story, in both the States and France, the unexplained timelines, failures to investigate, and failures to inform continue to rumble on in the background.

This is now especially true of the ‘missing hour’ between the ‘attack’ and the call to the NYPD that I first identified at the start of the affair.

As investigators determined from the records of the use of her electronic key that the DSK accuser Nafissatou Diallo had actually gone to suite 2820 after being ‘attacked’ by the former IMF boss, she changed her story to say that after leaving the Presidential Suite she did indeed do so. 2820 is a suite on the other side of the elevator bank that she had visited three times previously that day, according to the electronic key records. The Slog posted two weeks ago that her multiple visits to 2820 remain unexplained, but it does have an adjoining wall with the Strauss-Kahn suite. Jorge Tito, the hotel’s general manager, spent time in 2820 on the day in question – and has thus far declined to comment to the media as to what he was doing there.

New York DA Cyrus Vance has the power to subpoena individuals’ cell-phone, email, and text-message records, as well as the hotel’s Internet and phone-service records, to determine who called who between 12:30 and 1:32 p.m. So far, he has failed to do this. Equally, he has failed to interview Jorge Tito. Two US news media – The Daily Beast and the New York Post – are demanding to know why.

Meanwhile, suspicions of a French-driven plot were revived lat last week as French paper L’Observateur quoted Elysee sources as saying that, by the time Strauss-Kahn was being hauled from his flight on the day of the incident, several Sarkozy aides were ‘already alerted to his predicament’. The article also contained some conjecture about a link between this alert, and the ‘missing hour’ from 12.30 until 1.32 on the day itself. Some leftist French newspapers are also suspicious about the way the country’s Procurateur General has leapt into action in order to investigate the attempted rape alleged by Tristane Banone to have occurred in 2002. They are wondering out loud who has nudged the PG into taking this relatively unusual step.

Strauss-Kahn himself is holding fire until his next hearing in a week’s time. If at that stage his passport is returned and/or the charges are dropped, then the story will become one of what revenge he will seek. For as you may have spotted while this affair was unfolding, our Dominic is not the most forgiving man on the planet.