STRAUSS-KAHN: Nafissatou Diallo, her ‘fiance’ Amara Tarawally, and the elite’s manipulation of the case against DSK

The man to whom Sofitel maid Nafissatou Diallo made the deadly phone call about knowing what she was doing has been identified as Amara Tarawally. He’s a 35 year old Guinean banged up in an Arizona prison, and about to be deported on drug dealing and illegal immigration charges. More to the point, he uses religion to manipulate women. The bottom line is that he seems to be a sort of semi-pro pimp.

Mr Tarawally is not what the DA’s office would choose as the ideal character witness. But as more of his wandering, woman-using, child-producing history comes into focus, it looks increasingly likely that the Sofitel maid Nafissatou Diallo was duped by his persuasive nature – especially as Amara’s standard chat-up line appears to be how important religion is to him.

Diallo told the DA’s office that Amara is her ‘fiance’, but as usual the DA eschewed telling the rest of us this. Tarawally claims that it was the cops who went on and on about how important DSK was, but then this bloke claims all sorts of things: that Diallo’s quote was taken out of context (it wasn’t), that she has no deposits in her bank account (yes she does) and that she is very honest and entirely trustworthy (nobody’s buying that line any more).

But overall, the emerging heads-up seems to be that Diallo was attacked, and then fairly swiftly (after being alerted by the hotel management and the cops to how big a fromage Strauss-Kahn was) took some counsel from Tarawally about maximising marketing income from the situation. Soon after, she roped in her motormouth ‘brother’ Mamoudou Diallo. The deeply concerning thing here is that DA Cyrus Vance’s Office seems to have been out to encourage anything (from whatever source) that might inflate the size of the defendant he’d netted, and amplify the heinous charges against him. Concerning, but entirely predictable in an elective post.

The hotel too seems to have been more opportunistic than conspiratorial. The manager’s presence in Room 2820 remains an imponderable, but the decision to phone the Elysee’s security staff now looks increasingly like taking quick political advantage rather than closing the noose in  a honey-trap.

The most likely bottom line of this saga is that two elected officials – Cyrus T Vance and Nicolas Sarkozy – found Manna dropping into their laps from Heaven, and gratefully accepted it. In that sense, DSK was a victim of his own power and success. But mainly, he was as always his own worst enemy: a man who asked a hundred women a day for sex on the age-old safety in numbers principle.

Why do such men often do this? A zoologist would say “they’re wired to do this in order to maximise the spread of their alpha genes”. Rutting chimpanzees, however (research suggests) are a little more choosy about whose genes they join.