PIERS MORGAN: Chat host snaps on air and demands apology from Louise Mensch

Romping Arse

We now know why Moron got so many stories wrong: he never hacked phones.

The Slog pointed out in its review of the Culture, Media & Sport Committee’s proceedings yesterday that US chat-show host Beers Moron got a few high-profile mentions from Louise Mensch. Last night on CNN he threw a wobbly about it.

Mensch bravely went on the Romping Arse show on a live link from London, and the host began spitting writs from the Off:

“I’m amused by her cowardice in refusing to repeat that allegation now that she’s not in parliament covered by privilege. She came out with an absolute blatant lie during those proceedings. At no stage in my book or indeed outside of my book have I ever boasted of using phone hacking for any stories. For the record, in my time at the Mirror and the News of the World I have never hacked a phone, told anybody to hack a phone or published any story based on the hacking of a phone. I think you should apologise for being a liar.”

Fine there Piers, I think we got the message. Mensch said she had nothing to apologise about. But The Slog did nail her for blatant showboating yesterday, and having read The Insider myself I have to confess I don’t remember the passage she’s talking about.

Morgan’s Pier (tricky anagram for Piers to solve) is still spitting out venom on Twitter.

Looks like Louise has hit a raw nerve with this one. What a mensch!

Hands up all those who want a poll on this? Is Piers guilty or not?