HACKGATE DAY 191: Somebody help me please, I’m obviously unbalanced


It’s a plot: Murdoch Jr’s ‘evidence’ survives just 72 hours

‘Phone hacking: MPs ‘misled’ by James Murdoch during committee(Daily Telegraph)

James Murdoch misled MPs, say former News of the World editor and lawyer’ (The Guardian)

‘Former allies turn on James Murdoch(The Independent)

‘James Murdoch ‘misled MPs about widespread phone hacking’ (Daily Mail)

So then, as we can see yet again, all this anti-Murdoch, lets-get-Newscorp stuff is just another Leftie plot to take over our media and install the Dictatorship of the Fluffies.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pond, talk show host Thom Hartmann last night called the right-wing “infotainment” on Fox News a “cancer” in American society, meant to distort democratic practices by controlling the media’s loudest messages. He went further still did Thom, suggesting the U.S. should “bring back the Sherman Act” and use it to “break up” media monopolies like News Corp. Mind you, Thom is very Leftie: you can tell he is, because he calls himself a ‘progressive’. As opposed to a retard, which is of course what the rest of us are.

But in US regions closer to the surface of the planet, The Wall Street Journal (a Newscorp paper) writes this morning that the U.S. Justice Department is preparing subpoenas as part of preliminary investigations into News Corp. relating to alleged foreign bribery and alleged hacking of voicemail of Sept. 11 victims. I have to believe their sources are pretty good on this one, because, um, they are part of the story.

And in that hotbed of Communism, ratings analysts dealing with the US advertising business, S&P’s Tuna Amobi said three days ago,  “If a very senior officer is implicated or indicted, or the company is found guilty of wrongdoing or phone hacking, I think it would have far more serious implications in the U.S. simply because this is where the company is domiciled and the majority of revenues are generated. Any suggestion that there could be culpability in the U.S. means all bets are off.”

Les Hinton is going to be found culpable – and he was running the Dow Jones Company. James Murdoch (see top) looks like he too is going to be Culpability Murdoch before too long – and he’s the CEO of Newscorp in the US.

A quick leap back across the Pond now to The Guardian, just to point out a hopelessly biased bit of prose from Martin Kettle-Calling-Potblack on the subject of Cameron and Newscorp:

‘Two issues, in particular, still matter a very great deal. The first is the tightness of the weave between the Cameron Tory party and News International. Those 26 prime ministerial meetings in 15 months since the 2010 election – and many more at ministerial level of which details are likely to emerge next week – speak of a collective cringe towards Rupert Murdoch which cannot be merely dismissed as what Labour did too….’

Well actually Martin, it could be if Ed released all the gen on what Blair and Brown got up to – but he won’t. And the reason is, Kettle-Chip, that they were every bit as cringeworthy towards Rupe as this lot.

If anyone is still in doubt about where this site is coming from, I suggest they look elsewhere for their reassurance of being right about everything.

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                  James Murdoch – either very badly briefed, or negligently hands-off, or lying, or all three.