All Sloggers please note

Slog’s email blagged: update

I now can’t get into my existing Gmail account at all. And all my send addresses of subscribers are in there. And you can’t transfer gmail addresses at one Google account to another. And there is no live/contact address for free gmail help.

It isn’t an ordinary hacking: these comedians have changed all my settings, passwords, security codes, security questions and email recovery address. It looks like an attempt to make it very difficult to get in, or at data. It’ll be at least 24 hours before Gmail sort it.

In an emergency or with a story, you can now reach me on But I can’t send to my list from there (see above) so you won’t get email alerts from me for at least 24 hours.

In the meantime, you’ve probably received at least one sort of scam email using my Gmail address. Ignore it, and preferably don’t open it.

Sorry about this.

The Slog