At the End of the Day

This is a short piece tonight, because it doesn’t take long to say this.

I understand from various media mates (and two reputable sites – one UK, one US) that Amy Winehouse ‘was considering adoption during the week before she died’.

Was she, I wonder, considering adoption of a new lifestyle devoid of long and gruelling tours regularly interspersed with massive drug intakes as offered by her ever-helpful management? Or was it small, defenceless children she had in mind?

The saddest thing about this news snippet is that the reptiles who surrounded this fragile woman allowed her for even one second to believe that there was a social services department  anywhere on the planet outside Zimbabwe likely to allow her to adopt so much as a gerbil.

And the clincher would surely have been that Amy was sexually straight. So not even Haringey would’ve considered her.

This is indeed a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world. She is well out of it.