At the End of the Day

Soy sauce, it seems, doesn’t ease the menopause after all. I must confess, I didn’t know it was even meant to.

The world’s first cloned cat is ten years old today. I’d no idea we’d cloned one. A sheep I remember, but not a cat. And it seems we’re on Season 9 of ‘Project Runway’, the Fashion Week Finale. Well, the first 8 passed me by. Anyone know what Fashion Week Finale is?

Rick Perry, it seems, is to join the US Presidential race. Who he?

The Donegal conker is under threat from salty Atlantic storms. Scientists have discovered that guilt is more potent than relief. The 1956 Elvis Kiss Mystery has been solved: the girl was Barbara Gray.

Every day, in every country, thousands of news stories, cultural references, scientific discoveries, elections, murders, severe storms and miscarriages of justice occur. They pass the vast majority of us by.

But most of them, I suspect, are more interesting and engaging than the ‘live’ minute-by-minute internet and TV accounts we’ve been given all day about half-educated, unsocialised, moronic idiots looting shops and torching city centres – the activity later to be described as “a bita fun” and “Showin the rich people an the coppers an that that we can, you know, like do what we want”.

Sadly, these people are a walking advertisement for censorship. But mainly, they are a crawling about on all fours warning about what happens when middle class fluffy twits who call each other “colleague” are given the reins of government in a developed country.