At the End of the Day

I had one of those dark interludes this afternoon – about the hopelessness of getting any real reform of British life, and a return to some degree of balanced sanity. The thought process went something like this:

We have two sets of complete backsides in our society – bankers and looters – who care about nothing beyond material consumption.
They have to consume because (a) the economic system tells them to and (b) they have no sense of self-worth beyond what they own.
So rather than being, in reality,  a socio-economic problem, it is a cultural crisis.

The last people ever likely to solve that kind of problem are Establishment politicians.
There is no peaceful, realistic means within our Constitutional Law via which once can change them for better ones. This is because the main Parties hold 95% of the power via the Cabinet, the Whips, the cost of minor Parties losing deposits, a voting system that locks out new blood, and a Whitehall Establishment that survives by keeping the system going.

Now go back to the beginning of my interlude and start again, carrying on round and round in circles. Get a headache, become frustrated, lose interest.And there you have it: the British problem defined in a few short paragraphs.

But then I thought, hang on – we’ve jst had a week of riots, and what’s very clear indeed is that people are running out of patience with looters. And quite soon, Crash 2 will come along – and Bankers will have to go back to what they did before 1985 – ie, hide under stones.
So, newly energised, I went to catch up on the comment threads at the David Starkey piece I posted yesterday. I discovered there were now 74 there….the highest in the Slog’s history. There was lots of realism, openness and free thought, until this, the very last comment, from a bloke who chose the alias Dr. Peach:

‘Culture as referred to here is a coded reference to race – see the 1980s Salisbury Review with Scruton et al banging on about dominant white culture’s intrinsic superiority to other cultures. They used the same trick as Starkey. Culture = race in this narrative, and anyone who tries to argue that culture is different to race is a racist.’

And the despair returned immediately.
Culture is a collective multidimensional expression of a tribe, area or country, defined as the key features of legal systems, mores, gender relationships, punishment forms, the arts, the built environment, civics, medicine, attitudes to education and interpersonal behaviour.
Race is a simplistic term to do with genes, evolution, physical features and skin pigment. It has 0% to do with culture…beyond being the excuse used by ‘progressive’ fascists to accuse those with whom they disagree of racism. Dr Goebbels defined German Nazism as the hatred of Jews and Communists; so the line he used over and over again before 1933 during elections was ‘All Jews are Communists’.

But Dr Peach has his belief system, so that’s that. However, I returned to the beginning of the thread, and there in first place (quite appropriate really) was a wonderfully succinct comment from threader Restoring Britain. It said:

‘I’m reminded of that quote – “for those who understand, no explanation is neccessary, for those who do not wish to understand, no explanation will suffice”’.

And once again, my faith in the triumph of unmolested reason returned.