The differences between Amy Winehouse and Christopher Shale

Christopher Shale

Revealed: Britain’s 2-speed toxicology reporting system

Christopher Shale died: 23rd June 2011          

Amy Winehouse died: 26th July 2011

  Tory Toxicology tests sent off: 25th June 2011            

Amy Toxicology tests sent off: 28th July 2011

                      Tory Toxicology results received: Still waiting                             

Amy Toxicology results received: 23rd August 2011

                      Tory Result: Dunno, mate                               

Amy Result: Negative for drugs

                        Tory Media coverage: zero                                  

Amy Media coverage: substantial

Is it pure tabloid ghoulism to want to know the toxicology results following the autopsy of Chipping Norton Tory Chairman on 25th June last? No: I’m sorry for Mr Shale’s family, who’d just like to be left alone, but coroners don’t ask for toxicology results for the fun of it. And Mr Shale did die in a portaloo at a rock concert. And he was a close friend of the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron. And Mr Cameron is, at the moment, trying to avoid discussing the recreations of choice inside the Village of Shame that is Chipping Norton.

The Prime Minister is wide-eyed with anticipation at a recent social gathering with an unidentified friend

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