Per adua, ad astra

I took this shot at 11.30 am today (Tuesday 3oth August 2011) in South-West France. It shows an amazing tangle of vapour trails heading south to north and East to West across a blue Autumn sky. And it traces planes full of holidaymakers returning home to a million or more desks in North Western Europe and the Eastern United States.

By the beginning of next week, stock market volumes will be back to normal and vacations will be a distant memory. The former travellers on these flights will be dealing with the awful reality of unrepayable debt, disappointing output figures, falling stock prices and rising inflation.

It was an amazing sight. At one and the same time a tapestry of technological achievement and human wealth, alongside the desire of all of us to get away from it all…whatever this ‘it’ might be.

But in the end, there is no escape. These white lines left in the sky are arrows pointing towards the final denouement of a Great Battle: the final showdown between the mad minority and The People.