What next for Dacre’s McBigots?

The Mail asks: is this the ugliest man in Scotland?

Today, as Scotland decides it no longer needs the Conservative Party that alone made this country great in the face of Asian youths hurling bricks and stones at an English Defence League charabanc, your Daily Mail takes a close look at Murdo Fraser and asks if anyone this ugly should be representing England’s once green and pleasant land against marauding Scottish hooligans who cause mayhem and bent crossbars at every football ground they besmirch with their presence while £1M homes go to asylum seekers, and a soldier who lost seven limbs is put in a dustbin at the back of a luxury block of flats owned by left wing Labour MP Dianne Stalin who sends her children to exclusive £5M a term public school Etonstoum.

We asked paedophile teacher Bert Eichmann who mercilessly hacked his long-suffering wife to death before hiding her in a drainpipe and then going out on a senseless rampage if he thought Fraser has what it takes to fire up the fiery Scots, but instead he told us of his social worker who travels 60 miles there and back four times a day to care for a teenager who stabbed to death an attacker beating his uncle without realising it was his own father. And he also said that “The primary purpose of this disgusting Fred West film was to feed a morbid fascination with the case and make entertainment out of the deaths of 12 young women and children, glamorising the evil life of a nobody”.

Avid Mail reader Bert added, “After the fatal rooftop plunge of Nigel Pargetter, Angela Piper, 71, came within inches of being run over by her runaway car in a field in France after forgetting to put on the handbrake.”

Are you a Mail reader in Scotland? Write and tell us any old bollocks that comes into your head about Murdo’s sinful ugliness.