John & Jane Doe demonstrate on Wall Street: 700 arrested

Murdoch censors the news

The Wall Street Journal’s site is up to the minute, as ever, this morning. But the news that its own street was occupied last night is entirely absent. Murdoch has decreed the demonstration against His World to be an Unevent. ‘Las Vegas Sands bullish on China’ gets in there, but not the fact that 2,000 people marched, and 700 were arrested. That’s a 35% detection rate, and probably the best the NYPD has achieved in its entire history.

“We are not anarchists. We are not hooligans. I am a 48-year-old man. The top 1% control 50% of the wealth in the USA,” Robert Cammiso told the BBC. This is all good to hear, but we’re talking 2,000 concerned folks in a population of 308 million. Or one person in 308,000…..a lot less than the 1% who own 50%. So America isn’t quite on the verge of revolution yet.

The New York Times has it as a front page story, but not the lead. And Huffpost, as you’d imagine, splashes – I won’t give you the link to them, because they issued another comment ban against The Slog last week, so they can find their own hits. But it’s all a bit melodramatic: ‘Movement spreads to DC and LA…Van Jones talks October offensive for Progressives.’ Van who? he is, apparently an ‘award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean-energy economy’. And a black man. Fox News should have a  field-day with that later.

Yes, the Progressives are involved. This means that for the next demonstration, we must have strict quotas for age, gender, ethnicity, weight and height. The last thing we want is an ageist, sexist, racist, fattist, heightist demo, right? Mind you, a bigger one would be good.

But these are early days. You have to remember that within mainstream American politics, the Tea Party is extremism at it worst. In the US, a militant is a heavily armed insect in uniform. And things are going to get a lot worse. Also, this is more than the ordinary, non-SWP Brit has managed to date….so The Slog says ‘SUPPORT THE WALL STREET 2000’. And no, it’s not an Exchange trying to merge with the LSE.

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