Somehow, a new B2B research study conducted by financial specialists has been debriefed without a trace of irony

New research among Wall Street executives shows they’re anxious and angry. Goddamnit, they say, government interference and persecution is ruining their businesses.

What’s more, they’re pig-sick about the lack of global stability. Nobody has the balls to leverage any more. And hell, there just ain’t enough of that risk appetite we need ‘to triumph in the current slump’.

In the study, an anaemic global economy, the European sovereign debt crisis, U.S. unemployment stuck above 9% and unreliable stock markets all came in for blame from the senior bankers interviewed.

My hunch is that there could be a chronic mirror shortage on Wall Street….but I could be wrong.

In particular, they grumbled, the benefits of a $700 billion taxpayer bailout and $1.2 trillion in emergency funding from the Federal Reserve have faded. Somebody, they pretty much all felt, had messed it all up.

And trust me, nobody could make research results like these up. The warped vision, yet again, beggars belief.

I open this day, 13th October 2011, early….just to give all of us in the Resistance a refresher on how profoundly odd these people are. Straighten up and fly right, taxpayer guys – it’s time to dig deep into those pockets again.