UK SCENE: Legislators lie and fiddle as the FTSE heads south.

Theresa May….somewhat opaque account

As the FTSE dropped 112 points in twenty minutes on the Italian news, it is revealed that one in five holders of Parliamentary staff passes are held by people with outside lobbying interests…..that’s 176 out of 646 staff with passes. So 20% of all those going into the Houses of Parliament are there to corrupt it. (Bit of an exaggeration, but not much).

They ought to do quite well at their trade, because the Commons in particular lost all its ethics decades ago. The not entirely delightful Cat Woman Theresa May is under pressure to explain her decision to relax some border checks, after a senior official accused her of misleading Parliament. As the official is Brodie Clark (head of the UK Border Agency) and as slippery a Sir Humphrey survivor as you’ll find, this is looking worse and worse for the woman who has rolled over a record number of times in the face of EU juggernauts.

Noting that Lloyds Bank has made a whopping loss (on account of having tried to cheat its customers, and being fined) The Slog wonders whether Lloyds will now confirm that the ‘deferred’ bonus for Eric Daniels won’t be paid. That’s the one he would receive for allegedly making Lloyds/HBOS fit for human habitation again….and then buggering off as quickly as possible from the scene of the crime.

In an interview with the BBC’s man-on-the-balls Robert ‘Knickers’ Peston, the outgoing chief executive, Eric Daniels, said in February this year that he had “not decided whether to claim the £1.45m bonus for 2010”. Eric said he would decide during 2013. Better hurry up, Eccers – at this rate, there won’t be a single bank upright by 2013.