MUTUALITY: Three years behind The Slog, Cameron finally gives the mutual model a go.

The IoS leads this morning with the story about various civil service/quango/public sector workers being ‘pushed out’ into independent, largely mutualised bodies. Personally I’d use the word ‘liberated’, but we all have our agenda to push.

Still, given I mentioned the idea to an enthusiastic Cabinet Minister two years ago, you never know…perhaps the idea went forward. (I doubt it, frankly).

Now read the reaction of a true social reactionary:

“You go to John Lewis to buy a sofa, not to have chemotherapy,” the Unite union said.

Straight from the school of Salvador Dali sponsored surreal press comment, that one nevertheless illustrates classically why trades unions – along with the Sir Humphreys and the bankers – remain the real enemies of open thought in our society. Sadly, the other one is the Labour Party, which called the mutual model being used for the Hitchingbrooke hospital takeover evidence of the Government’s “true vision for the future of our NHS, with the wholesale transfer of the management of entire hospitals to the private sector”.

Dear oh dear oh dear. Talk about selling out your heritage. Don’t any of these cumlatelies know that this is how Labour got going? Did they never hear Nye Bevan say, “The purpose of power is to give it back”?

So yes, let’s talk about selling out your heritage, because Dave too is hard at it: in the predictable face of such criticism, Cammers knees can also be heard knocking as he says that these new moves are not a “drive to say that privatisation is the right answer in every case”. Far too mealy mouthed: why not admit it, and say that apart from one or two key utility exceptions, State ownership is the wrong answer in every case? And that the mutual concept is far better for all stakeholders? Perhaps even that some banks would be better off run on ‘the John Lewis model’?

Because Dave has to have all the bases covered. Because he mustn’t give offence. Because that’s the way these apparatchiks think: one move ahead at a the time. Slowly, slowly, over cliffy.

Still, it’s a good start to Sunday as far as I’m concerned. The banks have screwed the EU screwed up by the eurocrats, and the unions and all the pols are making complete prats of themselves. The quicker they talk their way out of having any meaning, the better we’ll all be.


The answer to this is not a new political Party. The answer is a much better, more honest idea than a political Party. I will be posting on this in the very near future.

In the meantime, read more about this at The Mutuality Page