STRAUSS-KAHN: Slog’s September prediction comes good as DSK camp drops a stick of bombs into Sarkozy’s re-election campaign.

The last thing he needed

Is the French President’s plotting about to come back and bite him?

When Dominique Strauss-Kahn returned to France in early September, The Slog was alone in the media in posting that, once the dust had settled, DSK’s supporters would be ‘building a case they hope will refocus attention on why he was snared in New York’. This would, my main French source said, produce “Revelations that will rock the world”. But then, lots of people say that to hacks: and the Left in France has an election to fight. Soon afterwards, the awful reality of Crash 2 intervened, and I neglected some of the key moles in the drama. More fool me.

I was a bit pissed off to read about these latest developments second-hand; but then, life moves on these days in umpteen different directions. I’ve been trying to tie down the Bankfurt Maulwurf in recent days, while badgering a disinterested British Establishment with stillborn ideas about saving the EU in order to reform it. But the latest disclosures raise a spectrum of issues global enough to terrify anyone who might, or might not, have been involved in a plot to neutralise Strauss-Kahn.

On the surface, what we have here is some charges made by an investigative journalist in New York, closely coordinated with a decision by the DSK camp to sue Establishment newspaper Le Figaro, the ruling UMP Party of Sarkozy, and a close Sarko aide for ‘malicious falsehood’….all in relation to allegations about the ‘rutting chimpanzee’ having it away in somewhat grubby circumstances in a northern French prostitute ring. So the overall imputation is that the French ruling class set up the former IMF leader in New York –  and then tried to bury him with misleading accusations once he arrived back.

What are we to make of this?

Well, motive is very easy to establish: DSK would’ve been a shoe-in for the French Presidency against a discredited and ridiculed incumbent. Equally, there are unexplained facts about Sofitel phone calls made to the Elysee Palace in Paris, which make one wonder why an innocent hotel management would even be put through to the President’s office…let alone have a conversation with its occupants. Set against this, however, we have Slog informants in Washington insisting there was “no way” the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) would dare carry out such a sting alone on American soil.

But then again, we also have the Fed Reserve boss Tim Geithner playing a proactive role in ensuring the waters closed over Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the head of the IMF.

The allegations being made today by DSK supporters go well beyond French politics. They implicate the CIA, Cyrus T. Vance, Nicolas Sarkozy and even the German Secret Service.

Stay tuned for further revelations in the coming days.

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