Where are the men of Good Repute?

Labour needs to face the fact that it is no longer seen as a fighter for Justice.

The Bell Pottinger episode brings a simple philosophical question to the front of my mind: as these ghastly people (and those of us in the business always knew they were) exist solely to give oxygen to malign business influence – and falsify history in their latter-day Ministry of Truth – why do we not flock in droves to the Left as being the army that stands against all this?

There are two answers to that. The first is, they don’t. I don’t know of any Labour plans to end the whoring that takes place in and around Westminster on every working day of the year. The second is, ‘because they stand for so much other stuff that is complete tosh’. If that seems an unfair generality, it really isn’t hard to list the individual examples of it: unbridled immigration, wealth redistribution, Nanny State, pc, gender politics, affirmative action, and a zero grasp of commerce are what drove me away thirty years ago. Thirty years later, a mountain of evidence that they’re wrong has changed nothing. The Labour Party is become the Islamist Mosque of Westminster politics.

This is why last year I wrote so passionately about needing a replacement for the Labour Party: because the Real Majority in Britain – the alienated – want a systemic rather than a Party Opposition. This year I opined (but a few weeks ago) that no ‘Party’ as such could do this without joining in….and thus becoming infected by power’s corrupting influence. In point of fact, I still think that the answer is an internet based ‘mutual’ of some kind with ‘poll power’ that simply becomes – through a restless search for the facts, and creative organisation – a socking great regulator of  dishonesty in business, banking and government.

But that evoked 0% interest and 100% comments about why it wouldn’t work…so in the meantime (until boredom takes over) The Slog continues to do this thing every day.

Winston Smith altered entries in the Ministry of Truth from abject fear of reprisal. The depraved gentlefolk of Bell Pottinger do it for the money.  They represent a way out from under the stone for those who are mad, bad and much too dangerous to be thought nice. Do I – or anyone else in the UK –  reel vomiting from this scandal, and think, “Ah yes – Labour: My friend in Need”.

It’s such bollocks as to be tragic. Camerlot is glib and the Ed Miller Band can’t hit a single note that resonates. Here we are, surrounded by a panoply of evils ranging from religious fundamentalism via power-mad EU Statists to insanely greedy financiers….and these are the practical democratic choices open to us.

It’s like living in Lilliput.