Clegg….not invited

Something light to kick off, as it’s Sunday and – apart from Nick Clegg having a fit on Marr* about his the possibility of his EU pension getting cancelled – there’s nothing much happening.

You may not know of the Franco-German publishing success Allotag! but it’s another of those ‘other half live’ glossies that feature the homes and weddings of very rich people who can’t stand each other, but know that a marital alliance would be good for their careers.

So it seems entirely appropriate that Allotag! should have negotiated the exclusive rights to the eurozone society wedding between Nico Narkozy and Geli Merlin. You can view some of the key guest photos at THE BIG TOP.

*This is not said entirely in jest. EU pensions are massive and generous, but come with conditions. One is that Thou Shalt not bring the EU into disrepute. By supporting it so vociferously on Marr this morning, Nick Clegg appears to have broken the agreement by association. We shall see.

In the meantime, go to #Marr on Twitter. Slick Nick has clearly, in the eyes of most tweeters, made a complete tart of himself. (By which I mean, his mask has finally slipped).