In defence of being right, but dubbed as being Right.

Left, Right, misogynist, feminist….seeing beyond the blur

Now it’s been established beyond any doubt save James Murdoch being blind that he knew about Newscorp hacking, why is he not in a police station being charged?
By the same token, it’s equally obvious that Dave vetoed thin air last Thursday on behalf of his mates in the City, so how did he get away with it so easily in the Commons yesterday?
Surely those observations make me a card-carrying liberal? No, they don’t.
Tonight on ITV news I watched an account of surveillance evidence in the Steven Lawrence case. It was about the clearest case of ‘inadmissable evidence calling for a false conclusion on behalf of the jury’ I think we are ever likely to see. Yet the entire media set has reported this development without any reference to the point of law whatsoever.
Since Dave’s involuntary attack of principles last week, half the population of a corrupt and obviously overmanned bureaucracy in Brussels has been briefing for Belgium about why Britain is doomed. Much as I think Cameron a prat, I find myself deeply suspicious of any organisation which, every time it’s offered a chance to ask the citizens what they want, scuttles off in the other direction….and then smears anyone who opposes their commercial insanity. It’s all a bit too Mandelson for me.
Surely those observations makes me a UKIP Little Englander neo-Nazi? No, they don’t.

I have little doubt that I’d disagree on a thousand issues with regular readers of this blog, but on the really big stuff about equality before the law and putting community before money, we’d be on the same barricade in the end. For me is there is no difference at all between the bad science of feminism, and the denialism of neocon economics. My sole guiding light is that we are a flawed species, and all I want to do is keep the mad folks away from any and all levers of power. I follow that increasingly faint light in the certain knowledge that they will always pull the wrong one. And then keep on pulling it, regardless of the result. (This would apply whether they be Nigel Thurlbeck or Tim Geithner, Harriet Harman or Ollie Rehn, Lloyd Blankfein or Wayne Rooney)

I find myself confused. I have an increasingly successful blog, and yet feel more and more isolated from the mainstream of socio-economic and political debate. Regardless of the way they vote, I don’t like undeserved privilege, and I really don’t give a monkey’s plonker whether that is Islamic or City privilege. Is that so unusual? It seems to be.

This something to which all genuine liberal democrats should give some thought.