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What chiefly matters, in brief

Beware of anything that gets hailed – especially by Obama. Within 48 hours of US troops leaving Iraq, and the President hailing a new dawn – a wave of co-ordinated bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killed 60 people, and injured 200 more. It’ll be a war zone again within six months: the war got rid of Saddam, and restored some of the more vital life-infrastructure in this sad country. That’s it.

Rich or poor, Greek property owners now face swingeing taxes on  their energy bills, mainly for electricity. The Greeks are calling the austerity taxes ‘haratsi’, a word used originally to refer to the hated taxes that came with membership of the pre First World War Ottoman empire. That’s how popular they are. Civil disobedience is expected to be widespread – and activist groups are planning mass illegal reconnections for those who are cut off. The taxes are the ‘result’ of crooked politicians from the pre-Papandreou administration, crooked lenders (in particular Goldman Sachs), cheap money offered by Trichet’s ECB, Morality Woman in Berlin, lenders refusing to take a haircut, and – way back – the French refusal to have the currency’s fiscal side centrally managed. None of these folks are having their electricity cut off. None of the likely ramifications of this are being considered in Brussels, Berlin and Paris. There, they worry only about a corpse called the euro. OK, so the Greeks are not good at paying taxes. But the punishment doesn’t seem to be fitting the crime here; and it is radicalising a poverty-stricken nation.

In the same way that we know Piers Morgan is a stranger to the truth, so too we know that John Terry is an amoral womanising liar, and Luis Suarez is fibbing when he protests his admiration for all things negro. But now the race relations industry has taken to the field of play, we need to have a think about where this is going. If no Premiership player ever again calls another player a geeky chink or a black bastard, is it really likely to make them better people? And will they stop thinking what they used to say? Those in favour of these dangerous laws tell me ethnic minorities have a right to respect. I have a right not to be called “a f**kin’ ol’ greyhair” when white van man objects to me obeying the speed limit (as he overtakes on a blind corner) but I severely doubt whether a law is going to make any difference. I accept it as part of life – in the same way that, when I moved to London forty years ago, I had to get used to some people thinking my accent made me a thickie. Half a century ago, Britain was systemically and casually racist. It isn’t now. This is down to massive changes in social attitudes and peer group behaviour, not Race Relations legislation. Turning to the law because somebody calls you a black c**t in the heat of battle is pathetic. But it is part of the dependency culture of our country.

Here’s one bubbling away in the pipeline: you may have noticed that, two days ago, the South American trading bloc Mercosur banned all British vessels from its ports. It’s the Falklands/Malvinas thing again. And the FCO is behind the music….again. With the emergence of Bric economies has come a new confidence in South America, and a contemporary upgrade of aggression towards Gringo. The noises have been getting louder for the best part of 15 months, and some folks I know at the centre of it have been wearing pained expressions and tight lips. Suddenly today, the FCO is “alarmed”. Now we should be really afraid. The inevitable outcome of this, in the end, is that we’ll cave in and give the Argentinians their pound of flesh – this despite the fact that the Falklands has no trace of south American culture anywhere on it. Also what will happen is that our Special Relations in Washington will urge us to accept whatever terms are on offer. I’m offering offer 10,000-1 that Camerlot doesn’t in turn offer to facilitate whitey giving the US back to Native Americans.

It’ll be interesting to see how New Improved Tough-Guy Dave handles this particular one, but in the meantime rumours circulate to the effect that his next target for a New Spring Dawn is Somalia. MI5 boss Jonathan Evans is briefing to the effect that Somalia has become the next destination after Pakistan for terrorist training. I’m sure he’s right, but this isn’t a job for us. There are no signs of us attacking Pakistan, despite increasingly obvious signs that the country is a near-haven for Islamists. More to the point, the best way to stop nutters messing up our lives here is to deport the ones we’ve already got and ensure the immigration/port/security services liaison improves – from its current level at around 3%. A central problem for the Prime Minister is that he thinks we are an important power. Until we get our economic act together, we won’t be either important or powerful. Memo to Downing St: do the economic thing first, and focus on slashing the Sir Humphrey levels. We’re already providing covert shipping protection anyway. Let’s leave it at that.

We now have more children in care per capita than any other EU member State, and at last the Government is trying to relax the procedures involved in alleviating this via adoption. But there are a number of issues here. First up, the pc anti-white middle class brigade with a closed shop in dealing with this issue will not quickly change their cockeyed attitude. Second, there is yet again a civil service jobs issue here, and most of those engaged in telling Henrietta she can’t have Ngula are Unionised. Third, ‘relaxation’ is usually the precursor to ‘a coach and horses through it’ – creating a gap through which perverts can worm their way into the system

Government in general is in denial about the influence of a small but quite well-organised paedophile ring that operates within the care and rehoming system. We don’t hear about it because Judges slap 30-year gagging orders on the findings of trials relating to the problem. And of course, we also don’t know about the procedures whereby children are removed from problem homes because – despite numerous false dawns and official inquiries – the Secret Family Courts remain as secret as ever. Nothing suits unbalanced social engineers and sexual predators better than secrecy. So thank you for solving the problem when you were Children’s Minister, Edward Balls. *

Three years ago I spent six months immersed in this murky, depressing and disturbingly corrupt system. From a variety of human (but illegal) motives, a small but effective minority of social workers, psychiatrists, magistrates, judges, and the police – especially the police – pervert rather more than just the course of justice, and promote only the cause of evil. I am all for streamlining the adoption service and firing the public ‘servants’ protecting their turf; but first of all, Camerlot in general – and Theresa May in particular – need to get real and face up to the systemic and legal mess that pertains currently.

*Footnote: Having uncovered a particularly nasty ring of corruption in Stafford during 2008, I texted leading Tweetmeister Balls asking politely but firmly, twice a day for a week, when he was going to do something other than say something must be done. This earned me six months in the Twitter sin-bin. So beware, if you have similar ideas.