EGYPT: After the Arab Spring comes the raw heat of popular Islamism

Yesterday in Egypt’s elections, between them the Muslim Brotherhood (47%) and the even more Islamist Salafi Party (27%) won massive overall control of the new Parliament. They will form the governing Coalition, once the army decides to let things take their course. In the current environment, they don’t have much choice: this seems to have been an open election with minimal charges of rigging. The People have spoken, and Egypt will be, as of March, an Islamist, hardline anti-Israel State.

It’s interesting to note that the youngsters who did most of the work in unseating Mubarak – the ones whose idealism led many naifs in the West to refer to ‘The Arab Spring’ – won 3.5% of the vote. I only hope the Camerons, Hagues, and New York Times hacks of this world now know what to do about this monster whose birth they applauded.

The middle-eastern conservative Muslim movement is popular just about everywhere in the region. Despite what the pc brigade and Channel Four News would have us believe, we are witnessing the democratic will of the Arab majority: anti-West, anti ‘decadence’, and determined to obliterate everyone and everything that thinks otherwise. In 2005, Blair’s Labour hurriedly rushed through a YouGov study to try and show how little support Islamism had among British Muslims. This backfired badly, showing that 35% of those aged 18-40 strongly supported the forcible institution of Sharia as the law of the land in the UK.

Islamism regards Sharia as so central to its social creed of misogynist repression, it is (where a democratic majority isn’t available) very happy to bomb  and bomb again as its means of gathering support. In Nigeria’s northern city of Kano yesterday, the local Islamist cell took credit for killing 162 people in attacks against security and police buildings.

Olive branch….a journalist lies dead yesterday after the Kano blast

On Christmas Day in Nigeria last year, Islamists bombed churches, killing 41 Christians. On Christmas Day. In Egypt’s Alexandria on New Years Day 2011, 23 people died as a result of a bomb attack on Coptic Christians. By the end of February that year, various militant Islamist groups had killed 457 people in Moscow, the Philippines, and India. In Paris last November, the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo was firebombed after it put an image of the Prophet Mohammad on its cover, plus a speech bubble with the words: “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter.” There were 13 separate attacks on Sunday Christian Church services in Iraq last year.

Stopped from killing other religionists in Iraq or much of the occupation, during late 2011 – as Allied Troops prepared to pull out – Sunni and Shi’ite Islamists went into a hyperdrive of efficiency as a means of explaining to the public what they could expect next. In seven attacks from October to December 2011, 208 people lost their lives.

The eternal apologist for Islam Stephen M Walt (Harvard Professor of International Affairs) has observed that ‘96% of Muslims are not terrorists’. His figures are sound, and I accept them fully. There’s just a further question I’d like researched: what percentage of Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist religionists bomb people on a regular basis? 0.001% maybe?

The 96% figure itself deserves some quantification. Given there are 1.6 billion Muslims on Earth, presumably Professor Walt would therefore accept that on his own calculation, there are  64 million Islamist bombers just raring to go. Quite an army – and they hardly got started yet: there have, after all, been only 18,320 Islamist bomb attacks since 9/11. That’s just under 50 a day. Figures quoted by the professor and other fellow-denialists used the Europol study of terrorist attacks in Europe to show that ‘only a measly 0.4% of terrorist attacks from 2006 to 2008 could be attributed to extremist Muslims’. Uh-huh: and the figure for Pakistan, India, the Middle East, Africa, Pacific Islands? The selectivity of this stuff is laughable.

Walt is the archetypal pro-Islam commentator. He finds it difficult to get ten lines into a piece without using the word ‘Islamophobe’, the Liberal/Left’s favoured insult for those who critique their rigid view: ‘doesn’t agree, must be phobic, needs treatment’. It’s very Soviet, in that a phobia is an irrational fear. A fear of 64 million fanatics who like playing with bombs is hardly irrational.

What the West’s Useful Idiots never seem entirely able to grasp is that there is more to Islam than the US, EU and UK: wherever the religion is powerful, it feels threatened. It feels threatened by America, by Israel, by Russia, by India, by Africa, by China….by Hindus, Christians and Jews…by Western values, by women having a say in how society is run, by democratic liberties…and last but most, by other sects among its co-religionists. Everyone is out to get the sons of Allah, so what choice do they have but to get their retaliation in first?

The religion demands respect, but has none at all for believers in other Gods. It invades a Jewish homeland at Yom Kippur, bombs Nigerian Christians on Christmas day, bombs Hindu festivals in India. It has ‘won’ Egypt under fair democrat elections, but it does not believe in free speech for others: it pickets anti-Islamist plays, burns Western books, and issued a Jihad against Salman Rushdie that ruined his life for years.

As I have blogged before, the cutting edge of radical Islam is our generation’s Nazi Party. There may be only 4% of Muslims happy to bomb people into faith, but ordinary believers keep on voting for the maniacs who do. Be warned: this threat to our way of life is not going to go away.

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