The Guardian: letting everyone in on an open secret

ah the gift that God could gi’ us

to see ourselves as others see us


The Guardian is having a special week over the next seven days, and the theme is ‘open’. Nothing parodies itself better than an authoritarian institution. Prepare to control your bladder.

‘Join in a discussion about the journey the Guardian is on…not all newspapers are on the same journey. The Guardian’s commitment to openness takes many forms. We launched Comment is free in 2006 – the first open newspaper platform for multiple points of view, where readers and others can challenge, debate and discuss.’

‘Commitment to’ is one of those phrases like ‘zero tolerance policy’ where you know the Ministry of Truth is at work. Still, the Guardian’s commitment  to openness takes many forms: censorship, blinkers, spikes, and banning commenters being among them.

Helping anyone going through The Open Door to Truth will be an eclectic spectrum of writers and politicians – Charlie Brooker, Polly Toynbee, Robert Harris, Jon Snow, David Miliband, Chris Huhne (bit edgy that one) and Tom Watson. All good solid Tory, UKIP and BNP voters.

It’s a hoot. Could this be a gag? Oops no – sorry – there are two g’s in gagg.