GREEK DEFAULT PLAN: JP Morgan also possesses it.

And Dr Strangelove goes into overdrive

Just to update folks, my first source for today’s earlier posting is now happy for me to name another US bank working to the March 23rd Greek default schedule as JP Morgan. This is based on the reality that dozens of people have now come forward to confirm Morgan the Pirate as one of the recipients.

I have not as yet received any confirmation that eurobanks are in this loop. I must therefore conclude that the ‘default schema’ is US Fed-led, with Mr Timothy Geithner perhaps in a leading role

During the day, emails have dribbled in here supporting the story from a professional standpoint. (For those who don’t already know it, the email address for Slog editorial contact is One such is particularly interesting, I think:

‘Congratulations on getting this out there. You need to look more closely at Deutsche [Bank] and Commerzbank. Key people in Bankfurt are fully aware of this.’

This in turn would suggest joint Washington-Berlin cooperation. At the moment, I’m unable to reach The Slog’s Bankfurt Maulwurf for confirmation or denial of that.

The likelihood, of course, is that these revelations will act as a self-denying prophecy. That is to say, if the story continues to hold up, the Troika-Berlin axis will now have to look for another schedule – purely for the purposes of denial.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang ‘Strangelove’ Schauble (top right) continues to supply the World with hard evidence that he has gone more than slightly off his trolley. The German finance minister is now pressing for Greece’s April elections to be put off for a year – and the replacement of elected politicians with more Montis and Papademoses. I can do no better than commend to you Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s piece in the Daily Telegraph this afternoon…with this extract in particular:

‘His [Schauble’s] apparent demand that Greece postpone elections scheduled for April, and impose a technocrat junta (a l’Italiana) for another year without PASOK and New Democracy, takes your breath away. Is this really the position of the German government? Greek democracy be damned?’

But while we wait to see what bonkers idea Berlin will come up with next, it is worth noting once again that the Teutonic drive for control over events does fit disturbingly well with Americo-German plans being given to senior investment bank currency traders…perhaps under the assumption (back in mid-January) that a German/EU Gauleiter/Commissioner would be in power by then.

The times may well be interesting, but they are not entirely reassuring.