Asian paedophile trials: police seek giant clam, says BBC

Much as the BBC finds it hard to accuse an ethnic minority group of anything, I did think this was a bit wacky even for them:

Rochdale takeaway disturbances: Police call for clam

(BBC News website this afternoon)

Sometimes, I wonder if such literals are the result of a Fifth Columnist inside the Beeb. For the cops and lawyers have indeed imposed a clam on all reporting of this case.

But for once, they had a good reason.

Loyal Sloggers will recognise this story as the breakout from a gagging order pertaining to the trial of an Islamic ‘grooming ring’ for kids desired by paedophiles at Liverpool Crown Court. As I said at the time, the ban on reporting was there for a purpose beyond seamy cover-up. The reason was the police fear of exactly this kind of backlash: the real story is about calm, not clams. The appeal made by Plod followed a violent attack upon Asian premises in Rochdale. The fear is that the defendants’ smart-assed briefs will scream ‘mistrial’ if such demonstrations of crude racism get overt media coverage.

As it’s out there now, I don’t see any harm in posting about it. But please – be responsible about hyping this case: all genuinely British citizens of all backgrounds should want to see Justice done in this matter.

And in the meantime, police have warned that if you see the clam, do not approach it.

Hat-tip to Peter Reece and his Eye mates for the original tip re this one. It probably saved me from being arrested by Scouseplod.