The creeping Nazification of the European Union: Last year, unanimity. This year, majority. Next year, brutality.

I am amazed at the generally positive coverage the Brussels dictators get

Paul Taylor, the Reuters Brussels corespondent, wrote as follows yesterday:

“The eurozone is out of the emergency ward, but it may face a chronic debilitating illness rather than a rapid convalescence. The challenges confronting Europe now are to avoid complacency, rekindle economic growth while cutting debt, and prevent national politics pulling the currency area apart.”

For sheer unseeing reasonableness, those lines would’ve graced any right-wing non-Nazi German newspaper in 1933. ‘Let us judge Herr Hitler after more time has elapsed” and so forth. For sheer inaccuracy, they beggar belief: within twelve hours, Markit’s new economic data on Spain and Italy had shown them to be complete nonsense.

There is something about going to Brussels to work that acts like the Invasion of the Body-Snatchers on certain hacks. The eurozone has only left ER because it is dead, and there’s no more room in the mortuary. There is no way people like Herman van Rompuy can avoid complacency: the bloke is so complacent, he would’ve declared his own caesarian birth unnecessary given half a chance. There is no way to rekindle growth, because all the money available for that is going into illegal bailouts of bankers and pols. There is no way to cut the debt, because the debt is mathematically unrepayable. There is no way to stop the currency area being torn apart, because not even the bloody Germans can agree about what to do with it.

Risible journalism like this is the sort of super-optimistic rubbish that enables the sociopaths in charge of the EU to keep going unharmed by their citizens, Sarkozy’s recent run-in with French voters excepted. Do journalists based in the City of Stepford ever, I wonder, look up from their profiteroles long enough to notice what truly ugly little bullies and anti-democratic fatheads they are lauding?

Following senor Rajoy’s attempt at the weekend to inject some reality into the Troikanauts, Brussels first of all tried to suggest that the markets overruled any considerations of Spanish sovereignty. It’s hard to imagine the type of ill-formed, ignorant brain that could come up with that one, but its miserably failed attempt to make any impression on the Spanish PM (who had merely told the Sprouts that their targets were utterly unrealisable) was followed by a less-than-veiled threat: fine, said Brussels, but you will have to face the consequences. Which is what they said to Hungary. And Cameron. And Greece. And what they will soon be saying to Portugal.

Ireland, of course, never learns. The last time it voted ‘no’ to something, the eurocrats simply ignored it – and then held another election involving so much ballot-stuffing, even the Irish – ‘Vote Early, and Often’ – were embarrassed. It’s enough to make Vladimir Putin cry is all this, but anyway I can now reassure those in Dublin praying for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Fiscal Union referendum  (if only to avoid a seaborne German panzer invasion) that it really doesn’t matter if 99.8% vote ‘Over my dead body’. And the reason why I say this is summed up in a brilliant Bruno Waterfield piece at SpikedOnline today. This is what Bruno writes:

‘…the [fiskalpakt] treaty text contains an innovation, described by European diplomats as ‘a very unusual step’. As opposed to all other EU treaties, the fiskalpakt will enter into force when only 12 out the 17 Eurozone member state signatories have ratified it. This new ratification threshold overthrows the principle, which has held for all previous EU treaties, that all parties must ratify an agreement before it can enter into force.’

So there we have it: no consultation, no negotiation. Last year, unanimity. This year, majority. Next year, brutality. What else might we expect of a Brussels diktatoriat that is on record in the past as referring to election reversals as ‘accidents’?

There really is only one reason I can remain lighthearted about the nature of the EU in 2012, and that is the near-certainty that it is about to be dumped into the unforgiving quicklime of history. I mean, what chance is there for a leadership that left last Thursday’s summit ‘in a state of euphoria’ proclaiming that “the worst is now behind us”? What hope can there possibly be for a mole-like writer of Japanee doggerel who, after being appointed for a second term by a minute Politburo, says he is “honoured to have been re-elected”? Why should anyone expect (or even worse, hope for) the survival of an unpleasant clique happy to go along with a situation where the central bank boss, the boss of the main sovereign debtor, and the boss of the fourth biggest EU economy are all unelected former directors of a dubious organisation like Goldman Sachs? Why should I want to listen to anything said by a European President whose greatest achievement was to become an obscure Portuguese Communist?

But what I cannot get even remotely chuckle-happy about is the failure of the British political elite to do anything beyond poking rather cowardly fun at these hobgoblins. The Tories see the evil and don’t care, the LibDems see the evil as a means to a great end, and Labour couldn’t see evil if it was a horned red Devil poking it in the eye with a trident. UKIP would attract me more if it wasn’t led by an oaf, and supported by far too many Little Englanders sporting cavalry twill trousers and grey shoes. The BNP is possibly the only Party on earth I could criticise on the gounds of not being true to its Mosleyite roots. And the ScotNats are cuddling up to the most fizzy quintessence of evil outside the EU, Rupert Murdoch. (Can somone explain to me, by the way, why a sane human being would reject Sassenach rule in favour of Brussels diktats? It beats me.)

Last night I blogged about the appalling nature of all those who have helped Rupert Murdoch and his alien spawn turn our Sceptred Isle septic. As it happens, they are all of them – to the last pol and celeb – the same arses who can see no wrong in the increasingly overt fascism of the European Union. Once is an accident, twice is at best careless and at worst pernicious.

Let’s try, next time we’re asked to vote, to turf all of them out on the basis that Third Time Lucky for them might be the last time for us. And please, can we wake up to the fact that Fiskalpakt is an idea hatched by a rigid East German physicist, not a real person.