HACKGATE DAY 443: Aussie authorities decide to get tough with Murdoch.


Further to yesterday’s Slogpost about Newscorp routinely hacking into the computers and phone networks of competitors, company President Chase Carey said in a statement released yesterday (Wednesday) that the BBC programme nailing the nefarious activities of Newscorp spying subsidiary NDS “manipulated and mischaracterized emails to produce unfair and baseless accusations”. He didn’t comment on the Australian Financial Review piece that unearthed a further 14,000 surveillance-related emails last Tuesday. Well, he wouldn’t really, because it’s hard to deny the obvious in black and white, unedited emails that you never intended the world to see.

Just to recap here, Mr Carey got the job as Newscorp President on account of being pretty much the only staffer left not either about to be charged, or awaiting trial in the UK, for conspiracy to corrupt police officers, conspiracy to hack phones, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and (soon in the US via the FBI) conspiracy to remove competition by illegal means. So you’d have thought that Chase Carey himself might be about to face some cop grief himself.

Ooooooh, no. Australian officials said on Thursday afternoon (earlier this morning GMT) that  they’re not going to investigateFinancial Review’s claim that  News Corp. was involved in a piracy-promoting plot aimed at crippling its competitors. They cited ‘a lack of hard evidence’, so they’d obviously read all 14,000 emails by then. Wow. Those guys move fast.

There will be no action against Merdeschlock in Australia because Uncle Roop pretty much owns the media scene there. Largely thanks to his secret-squirrel, monopolist business model, Australians have the worst internet access at the highest prices compared to any other advanced nation anywhere. This must be true, because the CIA says so. And, as it happens, so does Dame Edna Everage Julie Gillaaaard, the Prime Minister. It’s just that, what with swiping aside leadership opponents and doing grubby deals via Wayne Swann with the mine owners, Julie’s been too busy to do anything about Newscorp’s mafia empire of muscle and illegal privacy invasion.

Come on Aussies, wake up here: why not get one of your MPs to at least ask a PMQ about why the police, faced for the first time with a complex business scandal, took just 36 hours to decide not to even investigate. How about some blogposts about the five other countries where NDS stands accused of the exact same behaviour? Why not a few  headlines in the two newspapers not owned by Murdoch about how first the Guardian (in the UK) and then the New York Times (in the US) had similar investigations denied and dismissed as rubbish by folks who, funnily enough, are now face charges relating to those very allegation? Why not circulate the whole smelly story of Hackgate around the Ozblogosphere?

What we need is more Rooper-Scoopers: don’t let the world’s most mulinational turd undermine the Rule of Law in Australia. He did it here in the UK, and he owns half of the US Congress. He must not succeed.