GALLOWAY WINS BRADFORD: What fun we shall have….

Gorgeous George (and his dubious allies) are back

If anyone doubts the possibility of leveraging votes based on demographics, they should look this morning at the Bradford West result, which once again sees the indecipherable rogue George Galloway back in Westminster politics. At least it’ll liven things up a bit.

Unlike after his 2005 election victory in Bethnal Green and Bow, Gorgeous George made it clear that this time he’s here to stay as MP for Bradford, rather than just serving one term.

“It is a very comprehensive defeat for New Labour, it is a pathetic performance by the Government parties. The big three political parties have had a very salutary, unkind lesson this evening and I hope that they all take note. The people of Bradford have spoken this evening for people in inner cities everywhere in the United Kingdom,” he said modestly.

Actually, what happened was that the Islamists and their fellow-travelling Useful Idiots won a game-changing victory. I’ve posted about GG many times, but he is really nothing more than a man who uses any dimension of social discontent to get himself elected. But this changes the game in showing doubtful Sloggers how a demographic concentration can destabilise the system. All around the coastline of the UK there are at least a dozen constituencies where 55+ Silvers can make their presence known in a decisive manner. We all need to learn from this: while keeping a wary eye on the scamp Galloway.

It’s been a lonely time in the wilderness for poor George recently – what with the tragic loss of his hero Muammar Gadaffi and whatnot. Now he’s back, we can all start digging again on what the security services really found once the Libyan Looney had fallen.

Anyway, the case continues: George Galloway – enigmatic charlatan? Or just charlatan?

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