EUROBLOWN: Tinbrain the Troikanaut goes election manipulating (again)


Making a drama out of a drachma

The Athenian news site Real News reports this morning that The IMF/EU Troika of Terror is willing to make six conciliatory changes to Greece’s program….if a pro-bailout terms government is formed in the country.

In other news, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she was prepared to desist from nuking China if the Beijing regime would just raise the Remnimbe’s value by 25%, Angela Merkel told a press conference in Berlin that she would pay €8m in cash to any French voter prepared to assassinate Francois Hollande, and Herman van Rompuy told an audience in Brussels that every EU country had the inalienable democratic right to vote yes to everything he says as often as they like.

The troika selection of naked bribes to vote PASOK compromises has a biggie – extending for a year the date by which reforms and savings have to be in place. It is also prepared to maintain the collective labour agreements, alleviate the level of pension cuts, and perhaps restore certain pensions to previous levels – as well as reducing the average tax burden on employees.

The level of desperation in Berlin-on-Brussels is becoming rapidly more apparent. The ECB’s Mario Draghi, I understand, has been placing huge pressure on the Commission to get some kind of deal and the ‘right’ result. He fears not just the huge unpaid ‘transmission’ bill with which he’ll be saddled if Greece leaves the euro, but also the likelihood that the resultant market reaction would crash Spain…and thus the currency.

In turn, Veryzealous has been prodding Brussels about the need to help him get some votes back.

Seven Parties are due to meet with the Greek President in the next few hours, in a last-ditch attempt to form some kind of Unity Government. As I expected, Venizelos yesterday lumped all the blame for his failure to get anywhere on Syriza’s refusal to join in, but new secret polls suggest he’s wasting his time: if anything, the anti-Troika vote is solidifying rather than wavering.

The jam-with-cream-on-it problem the Greek voters need to grasp is that they will lose credibility if they keep telling pollsters that they want to kick out the Troika and stay in the eurozone. These twin aims are both ambitious and sort of like saying, “I hate you really but I want us to be friends forever”.