KNIGHTHOODS: Awarding Fahy a Knighthood is rewarding failure

The knighting of top cop Peter Fahy is a national disgrace


Regular Sloggers will remember my last post on the antics of Greater Manchester Police.

The pillock in charge of the corrupt shambles that is GMP is one Peter Fahy. As of last night, he is Sir Peter Fahy. If ever there was a case of rewarding failure, then this is it.

GMP Chief Constable Peter Fahy has been given a knighthood for ‘services to policing’. He told the media yesteray thtat the honour should be shared with his officers and staff. It most certainly should be, because far too many of them are just as bent as he is.
Here is just one entirely typical (but wonderfully colourful) comment thread at the Manchester Evening News piece about Peter Fahy being doffed a Sir:

‘Arise Sir Peter……… Congratulations, you have single handedly brought 2 Police forces to their knees, with you’re abysmal style of leadership. The morale at GMP is at an all time low, similar to that of Cheshire prior to your departure. You have managed to sack hundreds of staff but at the same time, decked your new palace with art work and trees that have cost thousands of pounds. You sit in your ivory tower surrounded by utter buffoons that hang on your every word and actually believe the drivel that you speak to the press on a daily basis. You have failed to cut your senior staff’s benefits and top of the range vehicles that they drive but still say that the force needs to cut costs and therefore more jobs. I am a serving officer of this farce and cannot believe what has happened in the last 3 years. No morale, no vehicles, no staff, no promotion, exceptionally poor equipment and officers being injured on a daily basis due to your ridiculous single crewing policies and barmy shift patterns. God help us all if you get a job in November, as we might as well shut the gates and put the cat out now, because Greater Manchesters Policing is truly and utterly in a mess, courtesy of Sir Peter Fahy and his band of brown nosed assistants.’

Well, there’s nothing more important than attracting admirers when one goes in pursuit of a knighthood.However, few if any of these sycophants seem to be ordinary Mancunians. Further Manchester Evening News Comments:
‘Obviously the Honours Committee never spoke to rank and file officers. Fahy has managed to destroy morale and waste plenty of resources on useless schemes. He has little respect amongst staff.’

‘Fahy’s honour alone shows the honours system to be completely worthless. Just what has this clown done to get a knighthood? can anyone enlighten me?’

‘Knighted for cutting thousands of jobs. Knighted for keeping all his Management team in jobs. Knighted for being the Chief of the Force with the worst statistics outside the Met.Knighted for reinstating drink driving female detectives. Knighted for basically being a yes man to Cameron.Knighted for saying the Rochdale sex grooming trial was not about race issues. Wonder what the rank and file Officers will feel.’
The tragedy here is that this honour was bestowed in the Diamond Jubilee Year Queen’s Birthday honours list. Does the Monarch, one wonders, ever question the qualities of those bum-suckers placed before her for elevation? Who advises her on Plod knighthoods – Andy Hayman?
We will probably never know. But on the Freddie Goodwin principle, it would save a lot of trouble created by stripping crooks of their Ks if the useless buggers were never given one in the first place.