CORPORATE CRIME: Nothing to see here, move along now please…

 Jerry del Missier, the former Barclays executive at the centre of the Libor-rate rigging scandal, is understood to have negotiated a ‘golden goodbye’ deal with Marcus Agius of £8.75m. This is believed to be a record-payout to an aurally challenged employee whose body-location divining skills are nevertheless thought to be prodigious.

Lord Green of Bermuda & Switzerland says he has ‘no case to answer’ after ten years spent running a bank whose main skill was in money-laundering and tax evasion. There are no signs of much pressure for him to go, and David Cameron thinks he is a fine man who knew no more about what was going on in HSBC than Rupert Murdoch did about Newscorp.

Nobody has yet gone to jail at Lloyds Banking Group for PPI mis-selling, but Eric Daniels did walk away with £15m.

In the wake of appalling revelations about the behaviour of Libor brokers Michael Spencer, Michael Fallon and Terry Smith, nobody at the Met Police media room is aware of any plans for Plods to grasp collars.

Equality before the law. It’s the only equality that really matters.

Will the Decade of Denouement be a Decade of Justice?