How Bankrupt taxpayer became BT and then Bonkers Troll

First of all, thank you all so much for the simplicity of your Dickhead’s Guide to the WordPress commenting system. I think there were something like eleven in all, and every last one was more helpful than WP’s own ‘guide’.

I confess to finding WordPress software skitty at times. For example, on trying to publish this post in ‘quickpost’, it told me the request was invalid. It does this now and then.  But overall, I do like the system. However, I wonder if (or even when) software suppliers are going to realise that technogeeks are wired differently to the rest of the human race.

But that’s not important right now, because I have made a fascinating discovery over the last twelve hours: that over 50% of all Slog trolling since its inception has been carried out by one bloke with no fewer than thirteen aliases.

He’s been quite clever, Bankrupt Taxpayer aka MaxC aka Coco aka BT aka bollixdeconstruction aka all the rest of the IDs. He posted in different tones depending on the ID. Sometimes he posed as Mr Angry, sometimes as Mr Reasonable, sometimes even as Mr Helpful, and frequently as Mr Don’t-be-so-hard-on-BT. But the eventual supremacy of Mr Supremely Bonkers-Troll started appearing about two months ago. I asked him by email a couple of times if he was “alright” (he now claims I’ve never emailed him) but that only seems to have made things worse.

However, there were three consistently obsessive thoughts running through his comments:

1. Anti-semitism

2. Resentment of success

3. Violent hatred of all authority forms.

As he didn’t seem able to tear himself away from The Slog, he has now been barred from every entrance in perpetuity. So we can (most of us) breathe a sigh of relief.