Forging the truth: the internet was meant to set us free…

…..but now it’s able to counterfeit reality

What is real? Who is real? The Invasion of the ID Snatchers at The Slog has achieved, in some ways, exactly what the perpetrator(s) hoped to stop: raising awareness among all Web users that ‘Trolls’ can no longer be dismissed as only Lee Harvey Oswald style nutters. Those like our schizoid friend here with 17 IP addresses (and as many identitities as his usefully empty brain can come up with) can’t be quite so easily explained away.

At the moment on this site, visitors are confused as to whether MaxC, Liz O’Donnell, me or a hundred other contributors are who they say they are.

There is one short term solution which doesn’t involve me pre-comment approving (see earlier post today) but will at a str0ke nip this outbreak in the bud. So I’ll be using that when I once again have 24/7 access to the site.

Medium to longer term, let’s just say I’m talking to one or two people who this Invasion Fleet would have you believe are figments of my  imagination.

I am, by the way, truly reassured that after nearly 72 hours of limited access, there seems to me a predictable (and predicted) march towards Berlin playing the ‘ordinary German voters’ card to put Greece under yet more pressure.

It’s too close to call at the moment. I will post about it as and when I have solid information of some interest to genuine Sloggers.