THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Invasion of the body-politic snatchers?

What readers of this site – and other thinkers who are drawn in by the recent Slog Hunt-Groucho four-poster – will I hope take away to ponder is the fear that this process of promoting Jeremy Hunt may be more than simply ironic and high-risk. I would invite every reader to wonder whether the sick ambitions of megamoney are engaged in a survival plan on several levels, and that Our Jezzer is some form of front-man (conscious or otherwise) for this systemic heist.

I’m not talking coordinated mad neocon James Bondesque cat-stroker conspiracy theory, because on the whole I think most of that stuff is risible paranoia aimed at the gullible. More accurately, what I suspect we are watching is a part free-for-all, part copycat and part megalomania dash to be in position and controlling the important levers when the sh*t finally hits the fan.

I think there may be a book in this, but a book this time based on hard evidence, behavioural clues, policy analysis, and a carefully assembled psychography of the people involved in this anarchic trend. I repeat: it is not a plot. But it is a reality.

That reality gets harder and harder to deny on so many levels. These include:

  • QE that is quite obviously not working except for a tiny minority of the wealthy.
  • Manipulation of the gold, libor, property and silver markets in favour of the megamonied.
  • The bizarre defence of such sociopathic behaviour by their political and media puppets.
  • Hopelessly unethical political Executives like Romney, Hunt, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Mandelson, Osborne, Paulson, Sarkozy and Obama being forgiven on spurious bases, and being lauded for fantasy ‘achievements’.
  • Connected to the above, the steady triumph of pro-money and anti-social fairness Ministers in the UK. Hunt is the most obvious bum-boy in this process, but Cameron’s other shuffles produced more evidence of the syndrome. Although personally sceptical about most things Green, I cannot ignore the fact that a keen exponent of fracking is now Environment Minister, and the Energy chap is pro industrial rather than ‘natural’ energy production.
  • The spreading mendacity and intrusiveness of unresponsive ISPs, raised above the law by the needs of politicians and the security services.
  • The steady politicisation and corruption of policing via Westminster and media proprietors.
  • The brazen attempt by unelected officials in Brussels to stamp on electoral will, personal liberty, and cultural variety; and again, the unreasoning defence of the EU by a British Establishment that looks more and more like corrupt acquiescence, rather than insouciant blindness.
  • The tightening grip of Establishment Parties both in the UK and US, despite glaring evidence that close to a majority of citizens don’t feel represented by either of them.
  • The very clearly systematic transfer of wealth – from blue and white collar workers and pensioners to those who are already wealthy – via Zirp, the compromising of currencies, increased taxation, and reductions in reasonable forms of welfare and health provision.
  • Above all, the inability of the ordinary victim to get proper redress from the Law, and the growing tendency of the most powerful in our society to use the law as a bar to investigation of their activities. Without equality before the law, there can be no justice. Without justice, there can be no equality. This is a universal rule without exceptions.

The trend has had a helpful catalyst in the shape of 24/7 news stations. It is today perfectly possible to hide incriminating news, obfuscate bad statistics, tell bare-faced lies, make inaccurate accusations, make an insensitive remark, or simply say something brain-assaultingly daft with relative impunity. The sheer volume of news, speed of presentation, and finite time for analysis is a gift for dissemblers and crooks everywhere.

Lord Mandelson was the first public figure to recognise this, but now others have learned the knack. Recent examples include the assertion by the Bank of England that QE “has made a profit”, Jeremy Hunt claiming an Olympic ‘bonus’ despite acres of statistics suggesting the opposite, Boris Johnson making Rupert Murdoch his personal guest as Mayor of London at the Olympics, and – germane to this Slog series – the ridiculous explanation of how the Groucho ‘accidentally’ let in a paedophile element to its members’ forum, or the Newscorp lawyer arguing that a guilty phone-hacker was the victim of sticky-fingers syndrome via the phone in his pocket. Needless to say, were Labour still in power, we would have their enthusiastic liars persuading us that NHS observers were medical staff, PFI disasters didn’t count, selling gold was a wise decision, 24/7 booze access was the way to cut alcohol consumption, the Iraq war was legal, and Gordon Brown never considered calling an election in 2008. The badges may change, but the criminal pathology remains ever-present.

The vicious circle was finally completed when multinational bozos realised that they too could (a) offer incredible excuses to ‘explain’ malfeasance and (b) indulge in Class A drugs at will pretty much without fear of prosecution. Thirty years ago these were communications guys having their noses rebuilt in Australia and other equally discreet places. Today they are manufacturers and bankers doing the drug-money laundering as well as the drugs.

In the last month alone, Bob Diamond, Peter Sands, Lord Green and various Bank of England employees have blustered their way out of what in other walks of life further down the scale would have earned a 10-15 year jail sentence. I also confess to finding Hester’s RBS ‘glitch’ explanations equally unconvincing.

Everyone involved on the Government end of the Olympic Games has seen it purely as a way to make money and land business deals…and in reality, the sport ‘heist’ is now more or less complete. The Premiership’s effective ownership by Newscorp, and the World Cup’s Blatterised corruption on venue choices, are all part of the same syndrome. The losers in these three examples were ordinary London workers who saw little of the top Olympic events and were advised to stay off the tube system; traditional British soccer teams; Scottish football; the English national soccer team, which hasn’t won anything of value for 46 years; and the older traditional footie fan who can no longer afford stadium prices, and is thus forced to listen to some bonehead talking tactics on Sky as the price for watching a game. (Neat little circle, eh?)

The media, the multinationals, the financial districts, the drugs, the celebrity obsession…it’s the munneeeee. The pols are, as I’ve said many times before, simply the Useful Idiots passing the laws and applying the gloss.

It is indeed a money supply issue. Stop the supply and you stop the rot. It’s that simple, and always was.