Bubbling under

Smelly things rising to the top

This may be a new series, may not. We’ll have to see how it goes, but this is the idea: I push out some intriguing tips not going anywhere very much as yet, and assorted Sloggers, whistle-blowers or spiked hacks offer their two pennorth in the comment thread….or by email if they’d prefer – jawslog@gmail.com.

1. One or two nuggets leaking from former British Council members regarding the extraordinary closeness between Virginia Bottomley, and rising Brock’s thrupenny rocket Jeremy Hunt.

2. Newscorp back once again to playing hardball with litigants re phone-hacking and collateral damages. It seems to be related to a rather disturbing clause in the Digger’s public liability insurance contract.

3. Things taking shape in the Torykip tendency, in particular among the Old Guard admirers of things to the Right of Baroness Thatcher. But things may not be looking quite as cosy for Boris as they have seemed of late.

4. Mining in Marikana: is this the prelude to South Africa melting down into one big ANC protection racket? One thing seems certain….this is not a straightforward dispute between the mine owners and their workers.

5. Former highflying Sun News desk and NotW highlifers are expecting the manicured fingernails of Plod upon their collars in the next few weeks, it seems. This has resulted in some doorstepping of Kelvin McKenslob as rival hacks shout through various London and Home Counties letterboxes.

6. Jeremy Partridge-B’Stard, contrary to previous suggestions in the media and his cv, appears to have had a very sudden conversion to politics in 2002. Did he choose the Conservative Party, or vice-versa? And why was he chosen?

7. Questions have been raised here and there about the composition of the Hillsborough Enquiry membership, and one or two interests that have remained mysteriously undeclared.

8. We can be proud of our Olympians and their Herculean performances on track, field and water. But there are whispers along the corridors of sport about chemical help being administered here and there.

I’m researching other stuff at the moment. More of a eurooean flavour. More later I hope.