EUROBLOWN: German President signs off destruction of euro.

Gauck has, against his will, given the ESM powers that Adolf Hitler would’ve craved

Today (Thursday) President Joachim Gauck of Germany signed the instrument of ratification for the European Stability Mechanism. The ESM will thus come into force on 8th October 2012.

In doing so – and in private, be assured, this is much against his will – Gauck has authorised the rule of an ESM Gauleiter  with nothing short of dictatorial powers. As The Slog demonstrated over a fortnight ago, the ESM Council is uncontrollable, and effectively beyond the reach of any established Law on the planet.

But the Karlsruhe Court ruling of 12th September this year prohibits any ESM governor from increasing Germany’s contribution to the financing of the ESM Council above €190bn without the consent of the Bundestag.

So what we are looking at here is a German Constitutional Court telling an EU mechanism above any law that, unless it obeys German law, the Bundestag will give it a jolly good spanking. I think Karlsruhe woud have a better chance of lassoing ether. And given the Bundestag’s spineless track record to date, I think we can safely assume Germany’s fate is sealed.

As I posted earlier, the truth is being kept from the German mass electorate. Not just by censorship, but also by distortion and deception. With a stroke of his pen, the Bundespräsident has conferred legitimacy upon a body that is supreme but not sovereign.

In other words, it has 100% power, and 0% accountability. Hitler himself could not have asked for more. What a bitter-sweet frustration this must be for the control freak Angela Merkel.

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