NEW ONS SHOCKER: Just 1 in 4 UK adults aged16-74 has a full-time job

THE FINAL PROOF: How neocons and liberals have accelerated Britain’s progress over the cliff

45% of all those currently in work don’t have full time permanent jobs, according to this month’s ONS labour market data .

While that 45% number reflects a reality in the UK Labour market highlighted by The Slog in previous posts, the cumulative result of adding up all the anomolies of our economy’s inability to employ people paints a very bleak long-term picture indeed.

The ONS also tells us that 22.4% of adults aged 16-64 are economically inactive. So that doesn’t include the retired…although of course some of them will be in the 45% of part-timers – thanks to the last fifteen years of Westminster policy shrinking their pension values.

But let’s start from one simple assumption: that very few people over 75 beyond Rupert Murdoch are still working. That’s 9.2% of all adults….but generously leaving out the 6.5% aged 65-74 entirely.

The aggregate comes to a staggering 76.6% not in a full time job. Only one adult in four – at the most – enjoys full-time employment in the United Kingdom.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the statisticians are scratching their heads, and asking why unemployment is static or falling in the deepest recession for eighty years. The simple reality is that employment is changing: from long-contract, full-time career work to zero contract, short-hours part time or freelance work.

To paraphrase an old and dishonest Saatchi & Saatchi political campaign poster from 1979, the immigration/economic model/reduced welfare/globalist matrix being followed by Britain isn’t working. As The Slog pointed out eighteen months ago, we have far too many people living here for all of them to be kept fully economically active by the current economic model of globally mercantilist competition, and fiscal austerity.

To be precise, we can only provide that for around 25% of adults aged 16-74. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a pathetic result, and must join the Hall of Neocon Theoretical Infamy being compiled on this site.

We don’t need a Plan B in Britain, we need a different economic alphabet. And that’s something that none of the existing Wetminster Parties is ever going to supply.

We also need in Britain (and go away all racists, you’re not welcome here) a grown-up attitude to immigration and multicultural laissez-faire. It is a tenet of the K’ran that Muslims should reproduce as freely as possible so as to eventually turn the infidel into a natural minority. The latest official figures for England and Wales  show a market difference in total fertility rates (TFR) between Islamic followers and everyone else: people born in the UK had a TFR of 1.67, India 2.21, and Pakistan and Bangladesh 4.9.

Under the soi-disant anti-immigration Tory Party, barely a scratch – never mind a dent – has been made on the surface of new migrant totals entering Britain.

Put together, we have here neocon infamy and liberal insanity creating a recipe for socio-economic disaster. It’s why The Slog prides itself in being neither Left nor Right, but instead putting a Radical Realist pov when approaching our very profound problems as a nation.

Big hat-tip to Kevin Green at REC Technology for originally alerting me to the 45% figure.

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