Smoke signals

Setting up business in Libya. I understand from close observers of the Libyan economic rebuilding process that it is not just American oil interests who are keen to show their anti-Gadaffi credentials.

One who is among the highest in our very own Sceptred Isle has been making discreet approaches to monied interests in Libya….with a view to setting up a profitable operation.

However, my sources are keen to point out that the person involved is asking his questions in an entirely private capacity….purely as an ardent admirer of the Big Society of Arab Springs.

Redrawing the political map of Greece. Several Athenian politicians are engaged in feverishly private talks aimed at combating the mortal danger they feel Greece faces in the shape of arch-Leftist demon Alexis Tsipras. Among the topics under discussion are the rebranding of New Democracy and Old Pasok – alongside some kind of arrangement with those who promise a Golden Dawn of The Fourth Greek Reich. Mr Antonis Samaras is said to be in favour of early elections, in which his new Alliance will give the impression that Greece’s old Parties have been consigned to the museum of political history….in favour of his new creation. Influential people adjacent to these arrangements insist that they may well have something to do with the 15 point Poll lead now being enjoyed by Syriza…led by Alexis Tsipras.

Are the French irritated at the thought of insolvency? Parisian scriveners of the Fourth Estate reveal to me that senior central banquiers have told them that France is broke and approaching ‘irritated insolvency’. This may have lost something in translation, as a former Elysees Palace staffer suggested that ‘en faillite’ might be the required phrase – that is, bankrupt. The Slog’s Brussels Mole also confirms that there had to be a compromise on further Greek aid, because without this, high winds from Athens would demolish the French banking system. Emporiki Bank and the unpleasant George Provoloupolos at the Bank of Greece are also implicated here. I sense I must post now (9.15 BST 16.10.12) as there are signs that this new bombshell is about to break cover.