BREAKING….Samaras coalition partner to vote against Troika’s Greek labour rights attack

Tonto Troka’s 10-year pay-freeze proposal

Samaras coalition government partner and  Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis said last night that his party will vote against any Troika-imposed measures proposing to reduce workers’ rights in Greece.

Speaking to journalists after a meeting with Prime Minister Antonis  Samaras and third government partner Venizelos (PASOK) yesterday, Kouvelis asserted:

“We categorically reject the Troika demands. The minimum wage has nothing to do with structural reforms. We will not vote in favor of  the austerity in labour rights at the Parliament.”

The Troika wants the complete removal of labour rights in the private
sector. It demands that employees and workers earning the minimum wage
of 586 euro gross per month should stay this level for about 10
years. Rather like the eurocrats in Brussels, one imagines.

Ever the mouth without the trousers, Venizelos added, “The Troika
is playing with fire”, but backed off from anything in the way of action, as such.

The whole negotiation is a farce anyway, as Athens has already been guaranteed further aid along with Spain.

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