Smoke signals

The IMF has an attack of the vapours (again). Snouts in Athens and Berlin seem convinced that the IMF will not be part of the eternal Greek bailout next year – even though the public line hints at  Summer 2013. The Wagnerian Brünhilde in the Chancellery has been informed.

This means of course that the Troika will become the Duoka. Then Berlin will drop out, and it will become The Wanka.

Black Dude in tense mood. The watchword in the White House is ‘don’t make trouble’. This hasn’t until this week been the watchword over at State, where Hillary and her elves have been busy making a war in time for Christmas. The chosen venue is Syria (this isn’t news) but the pace has been stepped up since the Libyan Embassy compound fiasco, following which O’Drama tried very hard to  dump the blame onto Mrs Clinton.

However, somehow last week the President exercised a nuclear option on the Secretary of State, and she then locked herself in the stocks. The deal seems to have included not making any Syrian wars until after The Big Day has been and gone in November. Thus the US Joint Chiefs of Staff now declare themselves “adamantly opposed” to further American military involvement, and former Defence Secretary Robert Gates has been sounding off everywhere about the dangers of a new war.

One begins to wonder if any policy anywhere will be able to move forward until Barack the Empty Suit is re-elected.

The Prime Minister and his legal advice. Thanks to the Independent, we now know that David Cameron shares the same Amnesia gene as Jeremy *unt in relation to emails. Tongues are wagging at full belt, however, as to what it is in the ‘private’ exchanges that Dave doesn’t want to be made public.

However, word reaches me that Jeremy Rhymeeng-Slange will be disappointed if at least two of the e’s enter the public domain….as this will release the iron grip he seems to have on Cameron’s decision-making when it comes to human resource management. In the Groucho Club’s boardroom, events are being monitored closely.

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