At the End of the Day

How the media’s warped importance hierarchy aids the degenerates in our midst

It’s actually more like the middle of the night for this ATEOTD, but there’s a good reason for this. I stupidly wolfed down a sea-bass with samphire tonight, and got a bone stuck in my throat. In the end, it meant a trip to Dorchester A&E. I was seen within half an hour by a reassuring and pleasant young doctor, and had an X-Ray done immediately to show that, while there’s some scarring around the voice-box, the fishbone has largely disintegrated. I was then given some strong painkillers for the weekend. The entire episode took an hour and twenty minutes, and the staff were efficient, friendly, and unfailingly sympathetic.

When it comes to A&E, out-patients, and emergency admissions, there is nothing on the planet to rival the NHS. Regular Sloggers will know I have grave doubts about large parts outside those areas of excellence…but such doubts don’t run to the creeping, cynical privatisation predicted here for two years, and now coming to pass. Either way, given this treatment was taking place either side of the midnight hour, the polite dedication of the staff was something to be proud about.

One thing I am decidedly ashamed of and disgusted by is the cover-up and toleration of a tiny but influential minority of paedophiliac perverts who have been exploiting the social care, teaching, legal, psychiatric and local government professions for several decades throughout the United Kingdom. Just as Labour’s potty answer to the problem was virtually a universal ID card for gaining access to kids, so too the British media’s sole interest in the scandal is when some half-witted celeb is accused of child-abuse.

Jimmy Savile, Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter are about as relevant to (and typical of) the problem of organised paedophile rings as David Cameron is to coke-snorting. A few fine men like Christopher Booker have stuck their necks out on the issue, but as usual, Murdoch is using the BBC’s appalling behaviour in the matter entirely for his own ends; and most of the other tabloids are merely after sales leaps driven by lascivious headlines.

To show just how reprehensible the MSM’s neglect of this foul trade has been over the last five years alone, let me just summarise some of the more astonishing facts relating to it:

1. Secret Family Courts are still held largely in camera, and often employ completely bent psychiatric opinion in order to get the kids of problem families into care homes – where abuse is a near certainty.

2. Towards the end of the last Government, a senior Law Lord conducted a thorough investigation of the SFC system, and concluded that it ‘bears a greater resemblance to the use of mental institutions in Soviet Russia than a care system in the UK’. None of his recommedations for liberalising media access have yet come to pass.

3. Minister for Women Harriet Harman and Minister for Children Ed Balls did absolutely nothing about the SFC scandals when in power, claiming “a lack of Parliamentary time”. Their real fear (it has often seemed to myself and others) is that paedophiles are extremely influential within Labour local government coteries. These two deserve to be in the stocks far more than the BBC does. But then, the paedophile mainstream is nothing to do with celebrity: quite the contrary in fact – it thrives on secrecy.

4. Certain large, underclass-dominated cities are brazen centres of the activity. They include Plymouth, Stafford, Liverpool and Edinburgh, as well as some areas of East London. In Plymouth, the police, local politicians and the judiciary are all heavily implicated, and I have myself been shown compelling evidence of child trafficking. The West Country as a whole, in fact, is the World Capital of paedophile case gagging orders, with a prominent role being played in this by an infamous legal practice in the area. One particular case in Bristol is the subject of an 18-year gagging order which, were it ever to be revoked, would produce a trial on a par with the Moors Murders of the early 1960s.

5. On coming to the Ministry of Justice, Kenneth Clark expressed some private views about the Secret Family Courts that left a contact of mine “horrified at the bloke’s unreconstructed illiberal outlook” – an odd thing in many ways, given that Ken of the jazz and suede shoes image is often depicted as something of a Tory Wet. But in fact, the  Justice and Security Bill sponsored by Mr Clark means there will most probably be more secret trials in future, not less. Speaking to the BBC’s Daily Politics yesterday (November 2nd), Clarke deftly switched the old excuse for SFCs to one of protecting the identity of spies during in camera trials in general, deflecting attention away from the spurious ‘ anonimity of the victim’ argument that has given paedophiles in the social care system a free hand over the last two decades.

6. Not only are there documented cases of staggering leniency by the Judiciary in some high-profile paedophile cases (in one instance, both defendants in Plymouth were granted bail, and immediately fled abroad) it is also clear that senior MPs in both Westminster majority Parties –  here the bias is to the Conservatives, not Labour – protect accused perverts, regarding their predelictions as little more than a minor peccadillo. (For many years, exactly this attitude was applied to a paedophile ring within the BBCRadio nexus).

As everyone who was anywhere near Twitter yesterday already knows, the BBC’s Newsnight programme had planned to ‘out’ a senior political figure on its programme last night. The two names in the frame were Ken Clark (the very same) and Lord McAlpine; but whoever their intended victim was (and this is far from clear as I write) Newsnight has had to back off and consult its lawyers after a super-injunction was slapped on the DG’s desk this afternoon. Nobody was outed in the end….yet another example of the Law working for the rich and powerful rather than the hapless victim.

The main media titles – as spineless as ever – have mocked the Beeb for collapsing in the face of pressure, but themselves studiously avoided naming anyone. The Times is known to be keen to have a go at one senior politician, but its owner Newscorp faces similar rumours relating to “a well known Sky News presenter in whom the Murdochs have invested a great deal of money”.

While all this hypocritical kerfuffle raises the profile of paedophilia as a serious issue at the very heart of the British State, once again it is the showbizz, MP, radio, and other celebrities that enable tomorrow’s leader writer to intone about depravity. That fame obssession has held the press media in its grip ever since Rupert Murdoch led the way down into the sewers with The Sun during the 1970s. It is without doubt helping the vast bulk of this secret demi-monde to continue undetected, as its ruthless members blithely destroy the sexual innocence of tragically vulnerable children.

I’m frankly not much interested in a tiny minority of delusional celebrity predators, as in total they probably add up to a total below 30 in number. What I do object to is the British press distracting its readership yet again with the bizarre exception…as opposed to doing solid investigative stuff to bring several thousand sexual sociopaths to justice, hopefully unmasking their protectors along the way.

Be in no doubt that this group (oddly described by Harman when she was a Civil Liberties lawyer as “part of the naural rainbow of sexual experience”) is largely populated by disturbed people. Those who query that view should take the opportunity to interview some of them: their conviction that the abused kids thoroughly enjoy the sexual activity thrust upon them is decidedly unsettling for anyone of sound mind.

A good many of the tabloid hacks I meet have a similar streak of sociopathy in their make-up. But now is not the hour for them. What Britain needs from here on in is some brave sleuthing to help remove this advanced cancer from the startling number of powerful positions it controls.

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