REVEALED: How McAlpine the accused got £185,000, and six of the abused got nothing

Equality before the law and all that

Dateline 15th November: One Lord McAlpine receives £185,000 from the BBC with no Court costs.

Dateline 3rd November: Six victims of sex abuse at the Bryn Alyn children’s homes in north Wales have been told they will receive little of the compensation awarded to them.

The victims were awarded £200,000 damages between them in 2001, says the BBC, but did not receive the money because the company that owned the homes went bust. The Appeal Court has ruled that Bryn Alyn’s insurance firm is not liable to meet the compensation awards in full.

Right. let me see…so that’s 185,000 divided by one and um, thruppence divided by six, which er comes to….

Lord McAlpine’s personal wealth is estimated to be in excess of £1o million.

This has been example #13,901 of Equality before the Law in Cruel Britannia.
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