SALLY BERCOW’S SURRENDER: What in God’s name is going on here?

Breaking at The Telegraph (with no comments allowed) is a piece with Sally Bercow grovelling about having learnt (sic) her lesson: (my emphasis)

‘Mrs Bercow, a prolific user of Twitter, closed her account after she wrongly linked Lord McAlpine to false child abuse allegations. She now faces legal action and a pay-out to the Peer.’

No she didn’t, and no she doesn’t. Note that no hack in the Telegraph has the spine to sign their name to this blatant propaganda.

This is such a brazen attempt to rescue the Case of the McAlpine Smears that never became a case anywhere, as such, that I’m seriously considering giving up completely on the Torygraph. It’s becoming as blinkered as The Guardian at the other end of the bollocks-spectrum.

I’m going to tweet La Bercow and see what’s what.

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