At the End of the Day

And so the agendas work their way through.

No less a lowlife than former Tory Treasurer Michael Spencer – ‘friend of the Prime Minister’ – is given the latest Telegraph column to peddle yet more of this tedious ‘bashing bankers is bad for you’ crap.

I’m left wondering how many good and true Torygraph hacks in there are asking themselves what the effects of the Daily Mail boat-people have been since they were imported by the Barclay Twins two years ago.

Boris Johnson, Michael Fallon, and now St Michael Spencer have each in their own inimitably programmed way tried to find something good to say about the bankers. Says Spencer in today’s Sunday Telegraph:

“Certainly there was some bad stuff that was promulgated in the banking industry regrettably over a number of years. But it has turned into a witch-hunt with the presumption that all bankers are crooks which is absolutely not true.”

It isn’t? Oh, alright…fair enough. Read this archive piece from The Slog and then make your own minds up.

Let me put all this sleazy bollocks into perspective. The banks have lied about everything from what they did with bailout monies to the degree of toxic debt they still have. They lied about Libor manipulation and cheating SMEs out of their assets. When bonuses were a big issue, they told Cameron and Osborne to f**k off and mind their own business. When put in front of the TSC, Bob Diamond lied about what he knew and when he knew it.

I read this rubbish in a once fine newspaper and feel the same emotions I do towards the Guardian: ‘you have sold out to the extremists, and the opinions in your columns can no longer be either trusted or taken seriously’.

Over the past fifteen years, I have watched and listened as Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson, Tessa Jowell, Jacqui Smith, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, George Osborne, William Hague, Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Harriet Harman, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Nick Clegg and even Louise Mensch have been presented to me as serious politicians.

None of them are worth a tinker’s cuss. Nor indeed are Murdoch, Trinity Mirror, Dacre, and the Barclay twins…each and every one of them complicit it an ill-organised, obvious and leaden attempt to persuade the British people that the line they toe has even a remote relationship with the truth.

But fear not. For tomorrow is Monday, and another day of finding them out at every turn will dawn.